Basic Survival: 3 tips

I hope you don’t take this too seriously, but I hope you find it useful – and hopefully you never need to worry about these things. 

  • Footwear in car: always tie up the laces, wear something study. In case you need to run to or from your car. (Ex: because of a fire)
  • Half a tank of gas: in case you have to bring someone to a hospital, pick something up in a hurry, or are involved in a chase
  • In case of a house fire: you have an average of 3 minutes to get out. There’s no time to save anything that isn’t alive. So many things are made from petroleum products these days, that the fumes quickly become a noxious cocktail that render you unconscious! (Most house fires begin in the kitchen. A great place to keep a fire extinguisher!)

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